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Leadership theory STAR team leading model

The STAR model is a leadership theory that clarifies what leaders need to do in order to perform well.  It offers practical tips to help leaders focus their activity. There are three key strengths to the model:

  • Integration – It is centred on the need for leaders to align key elements so that individual, team and organisational outcomes are achieved.
  • Strengths-based – It emphasises the emerging area of strength-based leadership
  • Outside factors – it recognises what is often missing from some leadership models; that leaders need to be as adept at managing outside their team as they do within the team

 Leadership theory: The STAR team leadership model

  • Strengths – applies strengths-based thinking, recognising that people improve much more quickly in areas that they already are good at. To improve performance quickly, get people working to their strengths in ways that contribute to the team’s and the organisation’s goals. Second you need to develop complementary strengths and an appreciation of each other’s expertise and skills to do that requires a focus on teamwork
  • Teamwork – is about combine the strengths of others so that together they complement each other. Build the sense of togetherness and recognise where more is achieved together than separately. When you combine individual strengths with teamwork you are beginning to see a team develop. However, more is needed. Inidvidual strengths and good teamwork need to be aligned with the goasl and results that the team needs to achieve.
  • Alignment – this is a key leadership task of aligning the other three elements (strengths, teamwork and results) with the goals and vision of the organisation and with other teams so that they work together effectively.
  • Results - teams need to be clear on the results they are being asked to achieve, and then monitor how they are doing in progressing towards achieving those results.
  • Other factors – Leaders need to align and adapt to the surroundings in which they and their team operate. this means recognising that factors outside of the teams control can often have a big impact on them. For example, other teams or organisational issues or issues outside of the organisation can all impact on the team and its performance.

Leadership theory Build a Better Team

Leadership theory into action!

The STAR model is a great way to think about what you need to do as a leader to get your team performing, however it doesn’t on its own help you to know what leadership style to adopt for the different stages of team development. That is where our style and focus model come in. The style and focus leadership model integrate leadership style with each STAR focus and applies them to the different staged of a team’s development. You can find out more about this leadership theory in our articles: Team Leadership Model: leading teams with style! and for more about the STAR focus you can read: Leading teams: where’s your focus!

The STAR team leadership model is explained in detail with tips and tools  to help you get the best out of your team in our e-guide Build a Better Team available from the store on our sister site: The-Happy-Manager.com.

You can find it here: Build a Better Team