Welcome to Defining Leadership

Defining LeadershipDefining Leadership is about working out what it is will make you a successful leader. It’s one thing to define leadership but if you want to excel as a leader perhaps you should consider defining leadership. The context in which we lead is constantly changing and what worked 10 years ago or in a different situation may not work now.

We view leadership as something you need to be defining for yourself given you strengths, and the context you work in. In reality there are leaders and there are leaders. It could be said then that there are degrees of leadership, from adequate to amazing, lacklustre to legendary. But what separates mediocre leadership from what we like to call defining leadership?

Join us on this site to do more than define leadership, we see defining leadership as:

  • Shaping what your own unique and effective approach to leadership should be
  • Creating an approach to leadership that makes an impact, makes a difference; it is defining leadership

We feel those seeking to be the best leaders should try to have a critical impact on the people they manage. Defining leadership then, is about aspiring to make critical, positive differences, to people and the organisations in which they work.

To help you think through how you define leadership we have brought together a wide range of leadership resources. They are all designed to help you do more than define leadership, though that is important. They will help you think through how you can develop leadership that is defining: leadership that helps to shape and influence and to have an impact.  In today’s changing business context, leaders also need to be constantly re-defining what leadership means.

We like to think of this kind of leadership as Uncommon Leadership.  And that is a great place to start to think differently about leadership

We hope you enjoy the resources we have brought together to help you defining leadership for yourself.