Feb 132013

Business leadership skill - Uncommon Leadership modelBusiness leadership skills are much sought-after by businesses and organisations. But what leadership skills in particular matter? What skills would it be really good to have?

To get a perspective on what good leadership skills might be we’ll use our uncommon leadership model to provide a framework.  The 5s Uncommon Leadership model takes 5 themes which we think are crucial to good leadership, but all too often are in short supply when we look at leadership practice. for each of the 5 themes we will think of the particular business leadership skill suggested by the theme.

Business leadership skill – Develop Uncommon Leadership

The Uncommon Leadership model explores  five uncommon insights into leadership based on 5 S’s:

  • Seeing – leading with vision
  • Shaping – leading with action
  • Showing – leading with purpose
  • Serving – leading with serving
  • Sharing – leading with others

Each ofthe 5S uncommon leadership themes requires a mix of leadership skills. For example:

  • To lead with vision will require skills to develop and communicate a vision
  • To lead with action needs abilities to create the right conditions for the vision to become a reality
  • To lead with purpose first and foremost suggests leaders who demonstrate by their behaviours and actions the direction they want others to follow. They use the business leadership skill of being at the front leading the way
  • To lead with serving means a leaders motives are rooted in service, in doing things for the benefit of others. In contrast to leading with purpose such leaders adopt the business leadership skill of leading from behind, they follow their people, supporting and encouraging.
  • To lead with others recognises the skills to collaborate and to build leadership capacity more widely in the organisation. Such leaders lead from within.


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