Defining Leadership


Defining Leadership

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Whatever your needs, we think you’ll find something relevant and helpful here. Whether you’re:

        • New to leadership
        • An experienced leader seeking thought-provoking insights
        • Thinking about career progression by improving your skills
        • An educator or trainer looking for resources
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Re-defining leadership

Whatever your knowledge and experience you’ll want to keep your understanding of leadership up to date.  That’s because:

  • Leadership is dynamic, constantly responding to ever-changing needs.
  • You change: your abilities and capabilities change and so will how you lead.
  • Some ideas may have stood the test of time, but often they need interpreting differently to new situations
  • New ideas are frequently emerging and leadership need to adapt to  implement them
  • People change and how you lead will need to be flexible

We like to think about leadership from 4 perspectives:

  • The essentials. We all benefit from rooting our leadership in essential ideas and approaches. Essentials provides the springboard  for effective leadership.
  • Your essentials. We all bring different things to the ways we lead. Leadership is personal, so how do you bring your unique strengths to the fore. How do you define leadership for yourself?
  • Developing your style.  Leaders need to be adept at assessing situations and responding flexibly. They need  a flexible style of leadership. You’ll find some great models and support to building your own flexible style of leadership.
  • Stretching and challenging your thinking. Leaders are increasingly being expected to think differently  and find new ways forward. Whilst traditional models and ideas can help, sometimes we need to be challenged and stretched with fresh leadership insights.

To do this we bring together ideas that have stood the test of time, together with emerging ideas. You’ll find new models and ideas to help you shape your approach to leadership; defining leadership for yourself.